rose – pinhole lightpainting (Ilford Pan F Pro 50)

You have tried light-painting, you have tried pinhole photography. Have you ever used pinhole to do light-painting? Yes, it can be done. Instead of a torch light try a normal flash. For this image of a rose, a flashlight (guide 18 strength) was fired 30 times from a 20 cm distance. Be aware of the direction of the light to emphasize contours and highlights as you would do in light-painting.

Camera: Chamaeleon Panorama 6×12 / 6×6 – Serial #122 with Skink Pinhole Pancake insert
Light source: pinhole flash light painting
Flash: guide 18
Film: Ilford PAN F Plus

Chamaeleon Panorama 6×12 Serial No. #126

with a focal length of 39mm this camera produces full 6×12 images with 119° angle of view. Six images fit on one 120 medium format roll film. The camera is using a laser-drilled pinhole, the same as those used for the Skink Pinhole Pancake. The apertures are exchangable. Besides pinhole aperture, this camera also takes zone plates or zones sieves (photon lenses).

tearoom – pinhole

2009-11-29-02-01 medres

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Camera: Chamaeleon Panorama 6×12 Serial #126
Film: Fuji Superia 100
Exposure: 6 seconds

in some situations it is impossible to measure or calculate the “correct” exposure and you have to rely on your luck and intuition. Here the camera was aiming against the setting sun with partly illuminated interior and and brightly lit exterior.

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