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hand made shift lens medium format 6×12 wooden pinhole camera

DSC_1892x.jpg Originally uploaded by chamaeleon618

Chamaeleon Panorama 6×12 Serial #123 this camera I have specially designed to take landscape photos or some architectural views. The panoramic film frame is being exposed [off center] with a shifted image circle. The effect is similar to a graduated grey filter which is used to darken the sky in landscape photography. Wood used: teak, sandal and ebony Surface treatment: tung oil, for durability and easy maintenance. Internal fittings and tripod socket: 316L jewelry grade stainless steel

Lens: Skink Pinhole Pancake insert
Pinhole size: 0.3mm
Focal length: 51mm
Aperture: f/170
Angle of view: 105 degrees
Actual frame size: 122 x 57mm

a large number of test shots have been taken during the last few month. To see the photographs, see flickr tag [123].

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