zone plate

Hong Kong – Star Ferry (zone plate photo)


On the Star Ferry

there is a 10 minutes’ break between two ferries, just enough time for a nap …

The gate (see left) was kept closed because the boat had not yet arrived and I had to find a way to get camera with tripod through it. To compose the image, the camera was just arranged “level” 30cm high on the ramp. — Extreme lighting conditions make zone plate photography a challenge. Highlights easily get blown out and show a halo-effect, while darker

areas appear sharp and a little under-exposed.

Camera: Leica rangefinder
Film: Fuji superia 100
Zone Plate: Skink Pinhole Pancake with zoneplate – 11 zones, f/46
Exposure time: about 3 seconds
camera mounted on little tripod

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