Long time exposure with Skink Pinhole Pancake


What ISO setting?

Pinhole photography has changed dramatically with the arrival of more powerful digital cameras. Now, that it is possible to take pinhole shots in a hand held fashion, there will be much more photos to be seen online.However, quality might suffer as well as it is the case with normal glas lens photography. So, yesterday I forced myself to slow down. I took a tripod and mounted the camera on it. Immediately it was clear to me … I had to think more on how to frame the picture! Then looking at the screen, confirming the camera’s position…. readjusting a little bit. Yes so much work! And then trying to get the best exposure. Well, this is to the photographers taste. High ISO means shorter exposure, you see individual ‘parts’ of the water, lower the ISO which comes with longer exposure time and the water turns into fog. This I have done with the above photo. It reminds me on the days where you only had film to take shots.

Next time you see some rocks in the water, try it out.


Our bestseller, the Skink Pinhole Pancake for Fujifilm Finepix FX:



Skink Pinhole – flickr

Skink Pinhole – flickr


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